Hello there, thanks for stopping by! 

It looks like you might be interested in music lessons? If so, maybe you’re wondering how to choose the perfect teacher and school for your child?

We’d love to share with you how we make music lessons special for kids, at Mad Hatter Music. We do things a little differently around here and we think it might be just what your child is looking for! 

Please, read on to see why your child would love to learn piano with us.


what makes us different?


Our group class sizes are small, so we have time to connect with your child personally. We want them to feel included and loved, and we do this by making sure their goals, are our goals too. 

No 2 kids are the same, and we want to work side by side with you as the parent, and with your child, to make sure they’re achieving their own versions of success. For some, that’s participating in an entire class. For others, that’s sharing their knowledge with another piano classmate or finally understanding a tricky skill that they’ve been wanting to master. 

We are SO PASSIONATE about making sure your child has an incredible experience in music lessons, and know that it’s a 3 way triangle (Parent/Teacher/Child) of communication and effort in order for this to happen. 

We’re here to support you on your piano journey, every step of the way. 


parents are encouraged to join in!

In our experience, every time a parent sits with their children in piano lessons, their kids do better. Your children love to know that you care about their journey, and we know that you WANT to be involved too! 

So, instead of asking you to leave, we encourage you to join in. For the younger class (Junior Pugs and Lil’ Pug Pups) we would love for you to be available at every class. For the older Pugs Club kids, we have special JOIN US days where you’ll feel very welcome to participate. 

Of course, we don’t just mean join in at class. We want to encourage you to join in at home, too! We’re not going to lie – practice does NOT come naturally to kids. But if they know mum or dad are cheering for them they will feel encouraged to give their best efforts. At Mad Hatter Music, we love welcoming parents and guardians to join in the learning experience!


Our lesson plans are FAR from stagnant! We know that the best way for each individual child to achieve success in our program, is to recognise them as just that – individuals! 

Our lessons are carefully designed to allow for each child to learn at their own pace and build essential independent playing skills. Encouraging children to learn because they WANT to, instead of because they’re TOLD to, is so vital at this age. Learning this important skill will flow over to every other area of their life. From job seeking, to relationship management to  figuring out public transport routes and deciding how best to solve a difficult problem!

There’s a healthy balance in our classes between group ensemble work and theory activities, with private playing time or quiet paired work. 

This means every child has a chance to re-go over work they find hard, or speed ahead with new material if they’re reaady for the extra challenge. 

No matter how your child learns best, we’ll look after them here.

we communicate with you oustide of lessons

Lessons at Mad Hatter Music are so much more than just “drop and go”. When the 30 or 45min class is finished, everyone knows that’s not the end. 

At ANY time that you want to email the teacher and ask for feedback or advice, we’re here to help you. If you need suggestions for practicing at home or advice on how to understand a homework task, just reach out to us! 

We also communicate with you regularly, sharing tips and tricks to get the most out of your music lessons. We’ll update you with post-class chats and offer workshops to help cement the learning that happened in class. 

Taking lessons here means you’re joining a community. A movement of parents, kids and teachers who care about the longer term success of each child taking lessons. 

All three of us will work together (parent, teacher, child) to make sure your child feels supported and valued in our music school. We put in the extra effort to make sure our students thrive and we wouldn’t have it any other way!