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We’re a School Designed with Kids In Mind!

I used to be obsessed with the little skills like finding ways to make scales fun for 5yr olds 😕. I now realise that music lessons are SO MUCH MORE than just perfecting technique.

Today, I get calls from parents whose grade 1 kids are coming home with piles of homework.🕐 They’re struggling to make friends in grade 2.

The year 6 graduates are so concerned with getting their math answers correct, that the short fiction stories they used to write for fun at home, are getting thrown in a pile of forgotten memories. 💔

So TODAY, I teach for a different reason. I teach to inspire kids to stay true to who they are. I teach to remind children of their infinite worth, no matter what school & life labels are placed upon them.

It’s OK if you don’t get much time to practice this week. What’s most important to me is that you found time in our music class to unwind. Relax. Destress. Reenergize. Be yourself. 🧚‍♀️

Kids are 100% of our future. I’m here to help empower our young generation to grow into their full, beautiful, creative potential.

Meet courtney

Hey there! I’m the piano teacher and creative director at Mad Hatter Music. I started this school for kids who are adventurous like me and don’t fit the “traditional Schooling” methods, just like I didn’t when growing up either. Here’s a bit about me: 

I love camping. I love sunsets. I need to take breaks. To be outdoors, to see birds and to feel the wind on my skin.

I’m a fidgety, curious person! I love alternative teaching methods and finding out what helps kids grow.

I like to learn in a variety of ways. To see, and feel it. I experience the world through energies, intuition, feeling, breathing and having space.

I can get distracted easily. BUT when I find something that captures my attention, I can fall in love creating beautiful work.

I camp, snorkel, play sport and watch sunsets in order to let my body fall in sink with the natural world. I thrive with support and encouragement. I need a place where I feel like I’m at home.

I need consistency. I love sharing my dreams and thoughts with others. But I also love inspiring others to do great things. To feel like their contribution matters. 

I understand the impact of having a community, support, love and freedom to explore and grow. I want that safe, growth inspiring environment for others.

This is why I enjoy working with kids. I believe your child will find our school to be a breath of fresh air! I’d love to welcome you to a class, so you can experience it for yourself! 

Nina, Studio Mum

Daniel looooves his lessons, Courtney! All due the the great connection you've established with him! Many thanks!

Here are some of my favourite words to describe our school

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