"Creative piano for ages 7 - 11"

Our “PUGS CLUB” classes are filled with laughter, friendships and character building. Learn to create your own songs, play in an ensemble, read music and challenge your abilities, in a nurturing and safe environment. 

 In this age group, we focus heavily on fostering independence and confidence for each of our students. We combine a healthy combination of group activities and individual work, to encourage each student to both work together and learn at their own pace. A lot of teaching time is spent behind the scenes each week, planning each class and tailoring it to the needs of the children enrolled. 

Your child will not be left behind. They will be given the support they need to LOVE learning piano and to thrive.

Our class sizes are SMALL and yet our hearts for motivating each of our students are BIG. Try a class with us and experience the magic of learning piano at Mad Hatter Music.

See below for class times and costs:

Class times

  • Monday 3.20pm (ALEX HILLS)
  • Thursday 4.45pm (UNDERWOOD)

PUGS Club classes run for 45minutes. Your first trial class is $30
*Can’t find a time that suits you? Please send us a message – we’d love to know what times suit you better!

"Courtney is fabulous with little kids. She understands their needs and tailors the lessons to the temperament of the child. The lessons incorporate a lot of games which are a fun way of learning & capturing the kid’s attention"
Studio Mum