"The Cheshire Crew"

piano lessons for kids aged 7-11


Our “CHESHIRE CREW” classes are for kids aged 7 – 11.  This is a very special age for your child. They’re not little anymore. They don’t go to “junior” school and they’re working hard to prove their growing independence. 

They’re completing most of their homework independently. They’re making good friends and they’ve started showing unique interests beyond simply “sports vs music”. 

In fact, every one of our 7 – 11yr old piano kids are unique. 

  • Some are great connectors, bringing the kids in our class together with smiles and support 
  • Some of our students absolutely love knowledge! They entertain us by sharing fun facts and they find joy in piecing together new information. 
  • Others still, are huge tech and coding wizards. Their brains LOVE puzzles, calculations, systems and challenges. 
AND YET, here’s something that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR KIDS have in common. 

They desire to BELONG and to be UNDERSTOOD. 

At Mad Hatter Music, the entire reason we exist, is so kids just like your 7 -11 yr old can have a place to attend where they feel supported to be their crazy, awesome, unique selves. 

Our classes are filled with laughter, friendships and character building. Your child will learn to write their own songs, play in an ensemble, read music and challenge their own abilities, in a nurturing and safe environment. 


Your child will not be left behind. They will build friendships, learn in a way that suits their personality best, and they’ll learn to play awesome music on the piano! 

Our class sizes are SMALL and yet our hearts for motivating each of our students are BIG. 
Book your FIRST LESSON for $30 today, and experience the magic of learning piano at Mad Hatter Music.

piano Class times for 7-11yr olds

“Cheshire Crew” classes run for 45minutes.  Try your first lesson for $30 today!
*Can’t find a time that suits you? Please send us a message – we’d love to know what times suit you better!

piano class COSTS

Ready to try a Cheshire Crew piano class? The perfect kids activity for 7 to 11yr olds? 

TRIAL: Try your very first class for only $30.

LESSON FEES: Easy flat rate of $120 per month. No lessons on QLD school holidays.
DURATION: 45min classes, once a week

"My son and I love and always enjoy Miss Courtney’s piano lessons! I love how she magically inspires my son’s passion toward piano and love how she even inspired my passion too. She must have a magical music wand!"
Studio Mum

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