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For busy families & creative kids. They can learn from your loungeroom!

a piano school designed with #kids in mind

These are lessons that fit your child’s personality. They can learn the piano in a way that speaks to them – through creativity, songwriting, and opportunities to explore the music they love best.

By combining creativity-based Zoom piano lessons with 24/7 video access, fun #songchallenges, and imaginative lessons your child will LOVE, they’re bound to experience piano lessons like never before! ==>

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We have classes for kids 5-7yrs, 8-11yrs and 12-16yrs.

You don’t have to live locally to us (we are in Brisbane). Simply schedule a 20min video class. We will play a music game, answer your Qs and set you up to learn!

1. Schedule a FREE 20min Intro Lesson
2. Sign up for weekly direct-debit piano lessons 

$36 per week (Full access to live Zoom lessons & 24/7 video access)

Weekly Membership Benefits:
  • Pay week to week
  • Multiple class times are available for all kids aged 5-13.
  • Small class sizes. Learn with friends!
  • Write songs, learn to play what you enjoy, sing and have fun!
  • Learn at your OWN pace with pre-recorded videos
  • Access to live classes on Zoom, approx 30 weeks a year

You will need a keyboard or piano (No need to buy an expensive one right now. I will send you some links to buy online!)

You will also need good internet & an iPad/laptop/ big-screen device. 

We want your child to learn piano in the most creative way possible. 

They’ll write songs, tell stories, laugh through group-piano activities, join our live piano lessons on Zoom and even have 24/7 access to videos to continue the learning at home.


  • Some weeks have LIVE lessons. Other weeks are video-only
  • Multiple class times available for all ages
  • Write stories, draw, go on adventures with friends
  • 4-6 students per class
  • Learn at your OWN pace with pre-recorded videos 
  • Join us on Zoom for live classes

Here’s the steps to get started: 

  1. Book your 20min free Zoom intro lesson
  2. Choose which online lesson times suit your child best
  3. Get access to our additional video lessons

parent reviews

Aviti Mathur
Aviti Mathur
Happy mum of 8yr old daughter
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"Courtney is fabulous with kids. She understands their needs and tailors the lessons to the temperament of the child. The lessons incorporate a lot of games which are a fun way of learning & capturing the kid’s attention"​

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your child will love learning piano with us

Our classes are filled with laughter, friendships and character building. Your child will learn to write their own songs, play in an ensemble, read music and challenge their own abilities, in a nurturing and safe environment. 

Your child will not be left behind. They will build friendships, learn in a way that suits their personality best, an they’ll play awesome music on the piano! 

Our class sizes are SMALL and yet our hearts for motivating each of our students are BIG. 

Book your TRIAL LESSON with us today, and experience the magic of learning piano at Mad Hatter Music.

Hi, I'm Courtney. The MUSIC teacher at Mad Hatter Music!

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