"playful piano for ages 3-5"

Our “Little PUG Pups” classes are for the little ones in your home who don’t go to school yet, but are itching to play, explore and create just like the big kids do.  You know they’re not ready for “normal piano lessons”, as you can’t fathom them sitting still long enough to pay attention! Yet you can’t help but notice their very keen interest in all things musical!

 Firstly, let’s just be clear. NONE of our piano classes are “normal”. We don’t expect any kids to sit still for 30min (traditional expectations) and play piano – no matter their age! Learning is supposed to be fun, vibrant and fresh! Especially for your little preschool kids. 

So what will they learn? How to share. How to make friends. How to move their bodies and feel the emotions of music with their souls. We’ll use a LOT of oversized colourful dice, stuffed toys and imaginary stories to invite your children into the world of music. They’ll learn rhythms. Build finger strength and practice “reading” music. They’ll sing and dance and laugh. 

Your child is just starting their musical journey, and our expectation is for them to love the process of coming to lessons and learning! 

Our class sizes are SMALL and yet our hearts for motivating each of our students are BIG. Try a class with us and experience the magic of learning piano at Mad Hatter Music.

See below for current class times and costs:

Class times

  • First Class Coming Soon! (ALEX HILLS)

Lil’ PUG Pup classes run for 30minutes. Your first trial class is $20
*Can’t find a time that suits you? Please send us a message – we’d love to know what times suit you better!

"“When we started, I was unsure the kids would enjoy the lessons. Hannah had previously taken piano lessons at school which were very dry – she did not practice once at home and didn’t enjoy it. Now she plays songs all the time, and loves it!” "
Studio Mum