Meet Courtney

The mad hatter music piano teacher!

Hey there! I’m the piano teacher and creative director at Mad Hatter Music. I started this school for kids who are adventurous and don’t fit the “Traditional Schooling” mould, just like I was growing up, and still am today. Here’s a bit about me: 

I love camping. I love sunsets. I need to take breaks. To be outdoors, to see birds and to feel the wind on my skin.

I don’t like to sit still. I can’t stand traditional classical music, or traditional teaching styles!

I like to learn in a variety of ways. To see, and feel it. I experience the world through energies, intuition, feeling, breathing and having space.

I can get distracted easily. BUT when I find something that captures my attention, I can fall in love creating beautiful work.

I feel deeply.

I like asking questions and hearing the truth.

I camp, snorkel, play sport and watch sunsets in order to let my body fall in sink with the natural world. I thrive with support and encouragement. I need a place where I feel like I’m at home.

I need consistency. I love sharing my dreams and thoughts with others. But I also love inspiring others to do great things. To feel like their contribution matters. 

It’s why I watch people. Why I’m careful with the words I choose to use around children.

I understand the impact of having a community, support, love and freedom to explore and grow. I want that safe, growth inspiring environment for others.

This is why I enjoy working with kids. I believe your child will find our school to be a breath of fresh air! I’d love to welcome you to a class, so you can experience it for yourself! Send us a message below:

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