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Story Based Piano Lessons for Creative Kids in Underwood & Alex Hills

a piano school designed with #kids in mind

These are lessons that fit your child’s personality. They can learn the piano in a way that speaks to them – through creativity, songwriting, and opportunities to explore the music they love best.

Our students have built up the confidence to play in front of others. They’ve sat with a new friend in class and developed leadership skills by teaching them something new. They’ve shared a special bond with their parent during class, learning a song together. And they’ve shouted “I DID IT!” countless times, when they proudly overcame a challenge they had worked hard to achieve.

At Mad Hatter Music, the entire reason we exist, is so kids just like your 5 -11 yr old can have a place to attend where they feel supported to be their crazy, awesome, unique selves.

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We have classes for kids 5-7yrs, 8-11yrs and 12-16yrs.

You don’t have to live locally to us (we are in Brisbane). Simply schedule a 20min video class. We will play a music game, answer your Qs and set you up to learn!

1. Register your interest and chat with us about your child’s needs
2. Sign up for monthly direct-debit piano lessons 

$60 Registration fee +

$150 per month (Big kids)
 $110 per month (Lil Kids)

Monthly Membership Benefits:
  • Pay month by month¬†
  • Access to live in-person lesson, approx 36 weeks a year
  • Multiple class times available for all kids aged 5-15
  • Invite to ALL end-of-term parties
  • Build amazing friendships
  • Small class sizes. Learn with friends!
  • Videos and lesson recaps to watch and learn at home
  • Write songs, play what you enjoy, sing and have fun!
Piano Lessons in Alex Hills, REDLANDS QLD

Located at 12 Heffernan Road, Alexandra Hills. 
Only 10minutes away from Birkdale, Wellington Point, Ormiston, Capalaba, Cleveland, Thorneside and Wynnum. 

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Piano Lessons in Underwood, LOGAN QLD

Located at 18 Camelot St, Underwood. 
Only 10minutes away from Springwood, Rochedale South, Kuraby, Eight Mile Plains and Daisy Hill.

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We want your child to learn piano in the most creative way possible. 

They’ll write songs, tell stories and laugh through story-based piano activities. Lessons are held in our studio approx 36 weeks a year. Even on holidays, you’ll have 24/7 access to videos we’ve created, to continue the learning at home.


  • Multiple class times available for all ages
  • Write stories, draw, go on adventures with friends
  • Great teacher to student ratio
  • Learn at your OWN pace with pre-recorded videos¬†
  • Join us on in our studio for in-person classes

Here’s the steps to get started:¬†

  1. Register your interest here https://www.madhattermusic.com.au/try-a-class/
  2. Tell us about your child and which days would suit them
  3. Book your first month of lessons with us and start your child’s piano journey!

parent reviews

Aviti Mathur
Aviti Mathur
Happy mum of 8yr old daughter
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"Courtney is fabulous with kids. She understands their needs and tailors the lessons to the temperament of the child. The lessons incorporate a lot of games which are a fun way of learning & capturing the kid‚Äôs attention"‚Äč

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your child will love learning piano with us

Our classes are filled with laughter, friendships and character building. Your child will learn to write their own songs, play in an ensemble, read music and challenge their own abilities, in a nurturing and safe environment. 

Your child will not be left behind. They will build friendships, learn in a way that suits their personality best, an they’ll play awesome music on the piano!¬†

Our class sizes are SMALL and yet our hearts for motivating each of our students are BIG. 

Book your TRIAL LESSON with us today, and experience the magic of learning piano at Mad Hatter Music.

Hi, I'm Courtney. The MUSIC teacher at Mad Hatter Music!

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are group piano lessons right for my child?

A note from the studio director, Courtney:

We are a music school that is 100% committed to providing a level of service and lesson experience for our kids that EXCEED what you would expect from standard piano lessons. Every curriculum decision we make and every single detail of how we structure our practice systems, our class structure, the songs we learn and the points kids can earn for various things, such as grit, courage and perseverance in lessons, is based around our core value of providing music lessons designed with KIDS in mind.

Kids learn best not by being told, but by being shown. By experiencing making mistakes and exploring new ideas with the support of a mentor. Kids are creative, full of amazing growth potential and love learning alongside peers. We have built our group piano programs around the research on how kids learn best. It’s actually why I switched our school from private lessons to group lessons in January 2019. We’ve seen amazing results since making the change.

All this to say, I believe so strongly in our group piano curriculum and believe wholeheartedly, that it not only equals but surpasses the benefits of private lessons, especially for beginner musicians.

Thank you for considering us to teach piano to your child. To be here, reading this, you clearly have such a great heart for your child getting an awesome music lesson experience, and I look forward to playing a part in that.

Courtney x

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