Seeking a Creative, Kid-Loving Group Piano Teacher in Logan / Redlands

(6th October, 2020)

Mad Hatter Music offers inclusive, out-of-the-box style group piano classes for kids aged 5-17. We are seeking a creative, kids-loving piano teacher for our group piano programs in Alex Hills and Underwood. 


This position would be 4-10 hours per week at this stage, with shifts held on a combination of either Monday, Thursday or Friday afternoons once fully trained. We are also seeking to open Saturday morning classes, so availability on that day is a bonus. Our classes run during school terms only, with the possibility of holiday work in the future. 

This is a casual employment position which means you will be paid for the actual teaching hours, class set up and pack down plus lesson review time at the end of each teaching day. We also provide plenty of teaching resources and a lesson structure which will cut down on your outside-of-hours lesson preparation. 

We run classes out of community halls, so it is essential that you are willing to transport piano keyboards and stands in your car. A hatchback or larger sedan car will be more than suitable. 

The perfect teacher for this position would be open to learning our methods of teaching group piano classes. We are seeking someone willing to try new ideas and passionate enough to contribute their own. We want you to have the opportunity to grow with us. Our school is only as good as our teaching team, and we will highly value the education ideas, the creativity and passion that you have to offer. 


Please view our Facebook page and website (www.madhattermusic.com.au) to learn about our school, before applying. Please email your application with cover letter and resume to Courtney Downes, at hello@madhattermusic.com.au 

In your cover letter, include your answer to these questions: 

  1. Why would you like to work for Mad Hatter Music?
  2. What aspects of kids education are you most passionate about right now?
  3. What is one hobby you have, outside of work hours?


  • Confidently teach piano skills such as composing, sight-reading and playing lead sheets, in a way that any child could understand. 
  • Experience working with children and teens in group settings and one on one. 
  • Looking for 4-10 hours work per week 
  • Willing to commit to an entire QLD school term of classes at a time, and reschedule other outside-of-work activities around this commitment
  • Looking to teach piano long term (2+ years) with career goals that align with this commitment
  • Car available to transport keyboards and keyboard stands 
  • A passion for educating kids in an alternative way, that connects with their natural instincts and gives them room to grow

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