Music Lessons for Kids

As science says, learning a musical instrument greatly accelerates your child's brain development and benefits almost every aspect of their life!

It's a big decision, choosing the right music teachers for your child. You want them to learn a lot, and reap the extraordinary benefits that learning an instrument can provide. Yet, you understand how important it is that your child enjoys their experience in lessons too. A child that loves attending and participating in music classes will develop a lifelong passion for their instrument!

At Mad Hatter Music, we thrive on building incredibly positive experiences for young musicians. Our students absolutely love lessons and build so much confidence through developing their own inner creativity. Our teachers are experienced with children of all ages and love sharing music education with them!

We offer ukulele group classes and private piano and guitar lessons for kids of all ages.

Enrol your child in Mad Hatter Music lessons today, and give them a priceless gift for life!

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We know it important it is to find the perfect teacher for your child. We offer one lesson trials to help you be sure we are the right fit for you! Fill in the form below, and let us know what lessons you're interested in. We'll be in touch to answer all your questions :) Chat soon!

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