The Mad Hatter


At Mad Hatter Music, we attract kids with superpowers. Kids who sing, dance, explore and create at a pace of their own. They don’t fit into the “mould” and neither should they have to!

We teach small group piano lessons. Will your child love it? Well…

Our chatty kids love it here
Our shy kids love it here
Our confident kids love it here
Our distracted kids love it here too!

What makes us different than traditional schooling that you’ve experienced before? Well…

 We’re A School Designed with KIDS in Mind

Maybe you’ve tried group piano lessons before, or maybe you’re brand new to the format. Either way, we’re confident you’ve never experienced piano lessons like we do them!

We have classes in Underwood, QLD and Alex Hills, QLD. 

We can’t WAIT to hear from you. Let us know what makes YOUR child special and we’ll organise for you to come try a class with us! 

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Hanna, Studio Mum

“Courtney makes music a fun learning experience. She’s so patient and positive. Lessons have been tailored towards my child’s interests (he’s very big on composing) to keep him highly motivated, but with all the theory incorporated. My child has thrived and learned so much, particularly with the group classes”

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What Class Should My Child Do?

Never learnt piano before? No worries! All of our piano classes are designed for beginner right up to 2yrs piano experience.

Perfect for kids about to begin their first years at school, who need a creative outlet to express themselves. Learn to play piano with friends who will support you and a teacher who believes in you.

Your child is a little more independent now. Swap after-school screen time with the joy of learning an amazing skill with like-minded friends. Ignite their creativity at a time they need it most!

Meet courtney

Hey there! I’m the piano teacher and creative director at Mad Hatter Music. I started this school for kids who are adventurous like me and don’t fit the “Traditional Schooling” methods, just like I didn’t when growing up either. Here’s a bit about me: 

I love camping. I love sunsets. I need to take breaks. To be outdoors, to see birds and to feel the wind on my skin.

I’m a fidgety, curious person! I love alternative teaching methods and finding out what helps kids grow.

I like to learn in a variety of ways. To see, and feel it. I experience the world through energies, intuition, feeling, breathing and having space.

I can get distracted easily. BUT when I find something that captures my attention, I can fall in love creating beautiful work.

I feel deeply.

I like asking questions and hearing the truth.

I camp, snorkel, play sport and watch sunsets in order to let my body fall in sink with the natural world. I thrive with support and encouragement. I need a place where I feel like I’m at home.

I need consistency. I love sharing my dreams and thoughts with others. But I also love inspiring others to do great things. To feel like their contribution matters. 

It’s why I watch people. Why I’m careful with the words I choose to use around children.

I understand the impact of having a community, support, love and freedom to explore and grow. I want that safe, growth inspiring environment for others.

This is why I enjoy working with kids. I believe your child will find our school to be a breath of fresh air! I’d love to welcome you to a class, so you can experience it for yourself! Send us a message below:

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