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The Mad Hatter


At Mad Hatter Music, we attract kids with superpowers. Kids who sing, dance, explore and create at a pace of their own. They don’t fit into the “mould” and neither should they have to!

We teach small group piano classes, with an emphasis on independent learning and having fun.

Maybe you’ve tried group piano before, or maybe you’re brand new to the format. Either way, we’re confident you’ve never experienced piano lessons like we do them!

We have classes in Underwood, QLD and Birkdale, QLD. View our class options and try a risk-free class with us today!

What Class Should My Child Do?

Never learnt piano before? No worries! All of our group classes are designed for beginner right up to 2yrs piano experience.

Perfect for kids about to begin their first years at school, who need a creative outlet to express themselves. Learn to play piano with friends who will support you and a teacher who believes in you.

Your child is a little more independent now. Swap after-school screen time with the joy of learning an amazing skill with like-minded friends. Ignite their creativity at a time they need it most!

Ranjith, Studio Dad

"If you're looking for a music school that incorporates fun with learning, this is the place to be.

The journey is very pleasurable but at the same time stress is paid upon the need to have strong groundwork.

The teachers understand the best way to grab little kid's attention and work to their utmost potential"

Meet courtney

Courtney has been teaching kids music through creative lessons, in the most FUN ways possible, for 7 years. 

She loves exploring, composing, designing, creating and asking questions. She constantly challenges her students to set goals and take ownership over their own journey. 

As the class piano teacher, Courtney will encourage your child to dive deep into their creative potential. 

Her goal is to see YOUR child grow in any way that is meaningful to them. Maybe they’ll make a new friend. Learn a new song. Design something amazing. Get the courage to perform in front of the class or just take ownership of their own projects.

Enrol your child into a piano class with Courtney today, and watch them blossom! 

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